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Ever feel like the days are rushing by faster and faster the older you get? This is because your life is filled with things which occupy your attention and brain capacity in such a way that there is little room for you to observe what's going on around you. Like the old saying goes 'you have to stop and smell the roses every now and again'...

In these days and times the above couldn't be closer to the truth. People are running around filling their days with more and more things (Work and Leisure) in the belief that they are in a rush to get everything done before they die. I for one don't think this is a good way to go about life, it's like you are treating your life like a ticking time-bomb, always looking at the clock and making sure you have tired yourself out with as many 'achievements' as possible. Have you ever stopped to think when you are your happiest? When you truly feel present. I can answer that for you, it's when you are doing less. When you are simply conscious, observing life, not taking part but observing. It comes from a different perspective to taking part like you are some kind of actor in a movie. It's being aware and observing from a standpoint of pure consciousness, not worrying about the next thing you have to do, or what you haven't done or what you should be doing.

Do a little test. Spend a day working, cooking, cleaning, or whatever activities you do in a work/active day and make a note of how you feel when that day is done. Now maybe you had a good day and you feel content that it was a good day and you got everything done, but i bet you don't feel like you actually LIVED that day, you were just present and busy. And I'm also willing to bet that the day felt like it went by very quickly. Now spend a day reading, going for a walk, chatting, swimming whatever you do on a relax day. How long does that day feel in comparison? How do you feel at the end of that day? You have done 'less' but you feel better, and the day seems like it has had many parts to it and the day feels longer. Human Evolution has not caught up to our pace of life yet, it's not even close. In our minds and bodies we are still adapted to living a very simple hunter gatherer existence, we are not designed to cope with the stresses of modern day life. The only thing able to cope with these pressures are robots, and even they break down. So when you next feel like the days, weeks, months, years are flying by, remember...You are not designed for this modern existence, so take yourself back to your roots, and slow the clock down till you no longer worry about that ticking time bomb, don't be robbed of your days by not experiencing them, Be present, and conscious.

And the most important of all to remember, we are literally made of the same elements as stars, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen, so you should never question where you are from, we are all from the same place.

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