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Diet and Discipline, the secret combination.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When people think about their diets they tend to underestimate a few key things. Firstly people tend to think that how they are eating is "healthy" most of the time, justifying their choices so as not to feel guilty, but is this the wrong way to be looking at their diets and themselves?

I believe that a holistic approach to changing EVERY element in ones life when there are areas that need improvement, is the only way to succeed as much like Western medicine aims to treat the symptoms of a disease, Western culture also tries to treat the symptoms of a bad diet with... you guessed it, another diet, or worse a pill! The problem lies in the fact that when someone has a poor diet it tends to be an underlying issue with their lifestyles in general. I have yet to meet a person who is a high achiever and has a terrible diet as it is almost always an indicator of a persons outlook in life, if you can control your diet to a stage where you have a great balance of nutrients and the right fats etc and know when to ease off and when to indulge it shows mastery of ones self...discipline.

Picking up from that previous paragraph, that word discipline, how undervalued it is in these modern times, as there is a severe lack of it and evidence of it missing is everywhere. I am a strong advocate of discipline, as it is discipline and regimenting certain aspects of my life that has helped me through some tough times. What I have noticed is that when you get used to having discipline and limiting yourself to certain things it improves all aspects of your life conversely, outlook for one is hugely impacted as appreciation for things magnifies as the more indulged we are the less we actually are thankful for. Like the Buddhist saying goes, choice is actually not freedom, no choice is freedom, as with more choice and distractions comes more torment, why is it that often times the 'poorest' people tend to be the happiest? And when I say poor I mean the rural living poor, whose basic needs are met through water and food and can live their lives... Why are 'wealthy' people so miserable? (The modern day urban rich). Because their lives are filled with things that have no meaning, too many food choices, too many distractions, and yes even sometimes too much time on one's hands can be debilitating.

The answer lies in the name of my business, Spartan Life Training. The meaning behind the name takes from those great Spartan warriors who would train their whole lives for battle. They would wear sheep's wool in summer whilst training to overheat and push themselves to their limits, wear next to nothing in winter whilst training again to push themselves to new heights. They would have a strict diet, and strict discipline in all areas of their lives. Now i am not saying we all have to turn into Spartan warriors to achieve our goals, but i can tell you this, if you are really set and focused on becoming the best version of yourself and forging ahead in life, disciplining all aspects of your life is great place to start, your diet will be the first area that you notice massive improvements, give it a try.

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